In July 2021, we worked with Big Indie Records on a sponsorship for the Vic Santoro “Glory Days” album launch held at Samsung KX. We brought in our client, Focusrite to support the event.

Aiyush Pachnanda

Big Indie is a friend of Starscream. Their artist Vic Santoro is an established public speaker, actor and rapper. Aged only 17, Vic was jailed for eleven years. Now at 34, he has worked on many projects including Blue Story and BAFTA-winning Gun No.6. He says that music has always been his calling and he is also hugely passionate about helping his local community in South East London and creating opportunities for the young people who live there.

From left to right: Richard Hannan from Big Indie, Rich from Scarscream, Journalist Tom Wiggins and Liz from Starscream. Photo Credit: Aiyush Pachnanda

Focusrite has a long-standing reputation for creating the industry’s finest and most respected recording tools. Many producers and artists use their products. Focusrite’s values supporting grassroots music and artists, so they were a great fit for the event. They supplied a premium photo booth for guests to use on the night as well as gifted Vic some kit to use for recording.

“Starscream delivered a unique sponsorship strategy, with clear messaging for a Hip Hop audience and black music community.”

Richard Hannan, Director, Big Indie Records