In 2019, Starscream were able to bring Metro Tech Editor BBC Presenter Lucy Hedges to New York to make her very own pair of headphones at Grado HQ.

John Grado and Lucy Hedges
John Grado and Lucy Hedges

Founded by Joseph Grado in 1953, Grado is now run by his nephew, John and John’s two sons, Jonathan and Matthew. The family has been hand-crafting headphones and phonograph cartridges from their workshop in Brooklyn for almost 70 years. Their products are widely considered to be some of the best out there.

A man stood holding the shoulders of another man who is sat down
John and Jonathan Grado

Lucy learnt all about the headphone making process from John Grado Sr himself and was even given the opportunity to try a hand at making her own. We rounded off the experience with trying some real New York pizza at Pauly Gees (run by a school friend of John Sr) and watching Justin Timberlake play Madison Square Gardens! Lucy then went on to write a brilliant piece in the Metro, the UK’s biggest free paper (one million distributed monthly).

The article Lucy wrote about her experience