In 2020, Starscream set up an interview with Becky Roberts of What Hi-Fi? and Benoit Rebus, the Head of Global Innovation and Partnerships at Qobuz. They discussed the latest developments with Qobuz – including the significant decision to drop all MP3 streams and only offer streams in 24-bit high-res and CD quality. Benoit Rebus was also able to sit down with Daniel Bennett from BBC Science Focus at the Bristol HiFi show in 2020 to discuss the changes to Qobuz and music streaming as a whole.

Becky Roberts from What Hi-Fi? chatting to Benoit Rebus from Qobuz

Qobuz is the first music streaming service to offer high-resolution streaming. They are based in France and have been running for almost fifteen years. As the first streaming service to scrap MP3 streams, Qobuz paved the way in focusing on delivering best-in-class studio-quality audio for listeners/music lovers, and show how far music streaming has come since the introduction of MP3 twenty years ago.

Read both Becky and Daniel’s pieces here:

Both interviews featured online generating 50k views.