In 2021, Starscream interviewed GRAMMY award-winning reggaeton producer Hyde El Quimico as part of an Augspurger campaign promoting their new MinimaX studio speaker system. Hyde uses Augspurger’s in all his projects for clients such as Ozuna and Daddy Yankee. He says the the sonic qualities of the speakers have helped to shape his signature sound.

Hyde El Quimico at the iconic Quad Studios Credit: Kenneth Bachor

Augspurger has been a favourite among many artists including Snoop Dogg, Coldplay and Alicia Keys. The incredible power and precision the monitors have mean they are perfect for any sort of music ranging from Pop to Hip Hop and EDM. Producer Hyde El Quimico uses Augspurger monitors to create music in one of the fast-growing genres in the world: reggaeton.

Credit: Kenneth Bachor

The interview took place at the iconic Quad Studios in Times Square, NYC. We had Rolling Stone photographer Kenneth Bachor on hand to capture some shots of Augspurger president Dave Malekpour with Hyde in the lounge.

All the following images were taken by Kenneth Bachor.