In January 2022, Starscream attended CES in Las Vegas and helped to launch brand new Cambridge Audio products, the Alva TT V2 and the Alva ST. From a private suite at the Bellagio Hotel, we invited key media including journalists from Sound & Vision, Soundstage, The New York Times, Metro, The Sun, and more to join us for one-to-one demos of Cambridge Audio’s new turntables. Media were able to drink and play rounds of pool between listening sessions and were gifted with tote bags full of slip mats, vinyl and various other goodies.

The Starscream team giving a demo of the new Cambridge Audio Alva TT to Lucy Hedges from the Metro

Three years previously in 2019, Starscream launches Cambridge Audio’s original Alva TT at CES with great success. After two challenging years, it was good to be back in Las Vegas and reunite with our US team and with US media. CES was a different experience for all this time around, following its all-digital event in 2021, with appropriate safety measures in place to make ensure attendees and exhibitors felt reassured and comfortable. With usual attendee numbers much lower than usual, we were able to spend longer with media than at previous shows, which proved extremely valuable. Coverage generated over the three show days reached an audience of over 335 million (and rising!) and was featured in The SunCNETWiredThe New York TimesTechRadarMetro and many more.

To find out more about the new Alva TT and ST turntables, please visit the Cambridge Audio newsroom.

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