AXPONA (Audio Expo North America) is the biggest consumer Hi-Fi event for music lovers and audiophiles in North America. Taking place just outside of Chicago, AXPONA is a hugely important event for both Starscream and our clients, not least because shows are invaluable to meet face to face with consumers and journalists. Read our guide on getting the most from your tradeshow attendance here.

After being rescheduled in previous years due to covid-19, we were finally able to attend and support some of the brands we work with: Augspurger, TAD Laboratories Inc., IsoAcoustics, Pro Audio Design Inc. and EarMen.

And what a return it was! The whole atmosphere was extremely positive, and footfall was high! For Augspurger and Pro Audio Design Inc. it was their first AXPONA – they showcased their iconic studio monitors, the impressive Duo8-S212 and Treo 812v – but also took their first steps into the consumer hi-fi market with new two-way nearfield monitor, MinimaX.

They also hosted What Hi-Fi? US writer, Ruben Circelli, over the weekend, who enjoyed extensive demonstrations of the entire range and joined Starscream for a private dinner hosted by Augspurger and Pro Audio Design Inc. with other members of the media

Technical Audio Devices Laboratories Inc (TAD) has paved the way in the design and manufacture of high-end audio components and speaker systems for both the consumer and professional audio sectors for over 40 years. They made their return to AXPONA in a big way, showcasing the TAD Compact Reference CR1TX, The Evolution E-1, E-2 and ME-1 systems.

IsoAcoustics, regulars at the show, launched a ‘world-first’ audio isolation experiment ahead of the show, which provided a behind-the-scenes look at the reactions of members of the public hearing speakers with and without IsoAcoustics award-winning isolation products.

At AXPONA, they provided a live opportunity for attendees to hear the results themselves using their best-selling GAIA feet on two sets of Focal speakers. Shows like AXPONA are very beneficial to brands like IsoAcoustics, as the effect of their products really must be heard to be believed

The Starscream team were also able to catch up with some of our international clients who were attending the show. EarMen had some exciting new products on show including the Colibri which Ruben Circelli from What Hi-Fi? was able to try out.

Also good to see such a great presence from our other clients Qobuz, who were the main sponsor, and also Roon – which was the music app of choice for many exhibitors. Klipsch and Triangle also had demos of their products. Klipsch had their spectacular Jubilee speakers on show, the last speakers Paul W. Klipsch helped to create, which stand just below 6ft high!

Thanks for having us AXPONA! As the show calendar begins to fill for the rest of the year, find out how to make the best of them check out our blog Top Convention Tips for Audio Brands to Win Trade Show Media Coverage.

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